Lead vs Fantasy

In a world with both magic and monsters, where humans can tame neither, humanity must rely on gunpowder, gasoline, and lead to make a place for itself.

Follow a ragtag group of mercenaries as they try and make ends meet without becoming meat themselves.  Whether it be securing a village or escorting a caravan, everything is dangerous when there are dragons or griffons about.  That’s not even considering the most terrible monster of all… well, that’s probably dragons.  Still, people can suck too.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

 1-1 It’s Kind of a Bird and Definitely not a Plane…

1-2 The Newbie’s Dead Long Live the Newbie

1-3 The Whole Being Silent Thing

1-4 Cleaning House is a Good Euphemism

1-5 Extermination is More Straight Forward

1-6 Probably Best to Just Call it Village Liberation

1-7 A Backwoods Funeral

Chapter 2

2-1 Fisherman’s Profit

2-2 The City of Something

2-3 First Blood Part 1 (of 1)

2-4 Lèse-majesté

Chapter 3

3-1 You Awaken to the Smell of Feet

3-2 A Study in Discomfort

3-3 …And Then There Were Bees

3-4 You See, Cause Relations Can Also Mean…

3-5 In Which Guns Are Shot (BOOM)

3-6 Dashing Through the Woods, Sans Horse

Chapter 4

4-1 And Then There Was a Shadow in The Foreground

4-2 The Best Laid Plans of Ratmen

4-3 Some Book Learnin’, also Not

Chapter 5

5-1 A New Job, A New Problem

5-2 Biomes Part 1 (Not of 1)

5-3 Biomes Part 2 (Not of 1)

5-4 Flaming… Because of Cheap Jokes

5-5 Biomes Part 3 (Not of 1)

5-6 Something About Rocks

5-7 Epilogue

Chapter 6

6-1 Snow Month(s)

6-2 More Stuff About Cold

6-3 Inclement Weather

6-4 If You Make a Smoke Pun, It’s Immediately Stoner Humor

6-5 Weather Underground

6-6 The Cost of Doing Business

Chapter 7

7-1 The End of the Beginning

7-2 Onward into Trouble

7-3 Not all Firsts are Good

7-4 First Impressions

7-5 Bad Blood

7-6 White ElephANT (get it?)

7-7 A Peek at You

7-8 Chewing the Scenery

Chapter 8

8-1 Pebble on the Road

8-2 The Worst Laid Plans

8-3 All According to Failure

8-4 Sounds Like Something

8-5 Day Trip into the Realm of the Dead

8-6 Up in Smoke

8-7 Diplomacy by Saurian

8-8 Flight Night

8-9 Some Knights to Remember

8-10 The New Deal

Chapter 9

9-1 Out of the Frying Pan

9-2 Shadows Going Forward